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Being Submissive and Assertive at the same time

Is it OK for someone to be submissive in the bedroom and assertive outside of it?

The answer is a resounding yes.

In BDSM and D/s, there is no right or wrong, so don’t be disturbed if something appears to be ‘normal.’

You must create the right relationship and properly convey your wants and desires to your partner the best way possible.

Outside of the bedroom, many of the subs I know are powerful women with high-flying careers who are tremendously strong-willed and demanding. Yet, they choose to relinquish their authority in the bedroom.

They present their submission as a gift (in some ways, subs have all the power as they are the ones who choose to submit).

Never again should you bog your head when faced with such scenarios—it happens and it is quite legit too in a world like ours!