Wine Industry

Become A Certified Wine Taster With These 3 Steps

Wine tasting is a wine industry term used to describe the sensory examination and evaluation of wine. Wine tasters use their sense of taste and smell, as well as their knowledge of wine’s history, to categorize wines into wine quality categories such as “fine,” “average,” or “poor.” This article will discuss how you can become a certified wine taster with three simple steps:

The first step you must take to become a wine taster is to sign-up for wine tasting classes. Many cities worldwide have wine schools that offer wine education programs and private tutoring sessions where students can learn how to taste, smell, and describe wines using a specific language. If there isn’t an educational facility in your city with wine tasting classes available, consider purchasing wine tasting kits and watching wine tasting videos online.

Some wine schools require students to pass an exam to receive their wine tasting certificate. This is the second step you must take on your path towards becoming a certified wine taster. However, if there are no educational facilities that offer this option, consider wine tasting kits and videos online.

The third step you should take on your journey to becoming a certified wine taster is regularly practicing with wines of different styles, regions, or types. With the help of wine accessories such as wine aerators, decanters, glasses, and holders for bottles, it will be easier than ever.


Wine tasting is a very personalized experience. The wine must be smelled and, if possible, tasted by the taster alone to fully appreciate its flavors.