Awesome Rose Gold Block Heels

What shoes can you wear to a rose gold-themed wedding? The answer is rose gold block heels, of course! These stunning rose gold high-heeled sandals are perfect for any rose gold event. You’ll be able to rock these pumps with confidence, knowing that they will match the theme of your outfit perfectly. Not only do they look good, but they also feel great on your feet!

1) What is their size like?

Their size is similar to that of most other women’s high-heeled sandals. Many online reviewers have commented that they are true to size as well, which means you can order them in whatever size fits you best. These rose gold heels might be a little difficult to walk in at first due to how tall they are, but after getting used to walking in high-heels, it will become easier for you! There’s no need to purchase safety shoes or heel protectors since these gloves feature protection for your feet.

2) How much do they cost?

These heels are on sale for $34.99. You can also purchase them at a higher price of $45, the original retail value. The only difference between these two prices is that you will get free shipping if you choose to buy them on sale! These rose gold high-heels have very affordable prices considering how trendy they are and how much wear you’ll be able to get out of them!

3) Where do I purchase them?

You can make your rose gold shoe purchase through Amazon.
We already have all the information we need to have these beautiful heels.