Audiometry Testing: Gold Coast

workplace audiometry testing gold coast: Audiometry Testing is a workplace health and safety procedure that is important for all workplace environments. The noise levels in the workplace can be very high, causing hearing loss to those exposed to it over time. This issue must be addressed as soon as possible with audiometry testing gold coast.

1) Audiometric tests measure an individual’s ability to hear at different frequencies
2) There are two main types of workplace audiometry tests; pure tone threshold test (PTT), and speech reception threshold test (SRTT)
3) An audiologist or workplace health and safety officer can conduct workplace audiometry testing gold coast.

Audiometer equipment is used to measure workplace noise levels and the hearing thresholds for speech frequencies. These tests are conducted by qualified audiologists who have been trained in workplace audiometry procedures. Audiometers help identify if an employee has a hearing problem before it becomes a serious issue. They can also be used at home to test your hearing. Employers should offer their staff regular annual tests, so their ears stay healthy and safe!