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ADHD Medication: What You Need To Know

ADHD is a common learning disorder that affects children and adults. ADHD medication can help people with the condition control their impulsive behaviors, get more done in less time, and get along better with others.

Why is this important?

The medication comes in many forms and can be given through the mouth or into the body. It may take some time to find out which adhd medication works best for an individual. Still, once this is determined, adhd treatment should help to improve daily functioning and relationships at home and school/work.
It’s important not to miss adhd medication doses because doing so will diminish their effectiveness over time. If you think that your child might have ADHD, it’s a good idea to talk with his doctor about adhd diagnosis and treatment options. For adults who suspect they might have ADHD, we recommend consulting a mental health professional specializing in adhd care, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist.

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