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A Comprehensive Guide To Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Program is a significant part of any organization. They provide services to employees and their families when they experience personal, emotional, financial, or legal problems that may interfere with work performance. Employee Assistance Programs have been around for decades. Still, they have grown increasingly more popular as the population has aged and become more diverse. They can help an organization create healthier workplaces by providing confidential counseling, education about wellness issues, and referrals to other resources in the community.

1) What do they consist of? Employee

They consist of Employee and family counseling, financial assistance counseling, legal services (such as mediation or representation in court), parenting education classes for parents with children struggling within the school system; they also work closely with employee’s physicians when appropriate.

2) What are some benefits?

They provide organizations a return on investment through increased morale, productivity, and retention rates. These programs have many positive impacts on an organization, including stress reduction-reducing absenteeism & turnover by helping employees cope with life issues that affect the workplace; improving communication between managers and their direct reports; increase organizational commitment since it reduces cynicism about management decisions which makes employees feel valued if they know what is happening at the even during difficult times.
If you have this service, it is time to take advantage of it.