4 Questions To Ask When Purchasing Student Check-in Software

The student check in software is a great way to save time and money when students check-in for their classes. However, before you purchase the student check-in software, you must ask yourself four questions to ensure you make the right decision.

What features does your student check-in software need?

The student check-in software must have the features that you require. For example, if your school is large enough to need multiple student computers, this feature must be included in your student check-in software.

Does the student check-in software provide mobile access?

Mobile devices are top-rated, and many teachers like having student check-in software that can be accessed through mobile devices. This is important because it allows students to check-in without having access to their primary student computer.

What type of reporting does the student check-in software offer?

Your student data must be accurate and easy for you to track, which means it should include detailed information about who checked into class on what device at what time. Additionally, if there are any student check-in issues, it should be easy to identify what went wrong.

Is student check-in required or optional?

Some schools like to make student check-in mandatory, while others leave it as an option for students. If student verification is a requirement at your school, you’ll want to ensure the student check-in software provides this feature.

To conclude, student check-in software provides students with a way to confirm their attendance.