3 Ways To Heal A Leaky Gut With Diet

Best diet for leaky gut: If you are like most people, you have probably never even heard of leaky gut syndrome until now. The leaky gut syndrome is when the intestinal lining becomes damaged and porous, leading to the absorption of toxins and undigested food particles into the bloodstream. This can cause various health problems, including autoimmune diseases, skin conditions, food allergies/sensitivities, and chronic inflammation. In this article, we will discuss three ways to heal your leaky gut with a diet.

The first step is eliminating all processed foods, sugar, and alcohol from your diet. These foods are all inflammatory and can damage the gut lining. Instead, focus on eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and high-quality protein sources like grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish.

In addition to eliminating inflammatory foods, you also need to ensure you are getting enough fiber. Fiber helps keep the digestive system moving and can also help reduce inflammation. Good sources of fiber include flaxseed, chia seeds, and green leafy vegetables.

Finally, it is important to consume probiotic-rich foods or take a probiotic supplement. Probiotics help to replenish the good bacteria in the gut and can also help to reduce inflammation. Good sources of probiotics include yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and miso soup.


If you are struggling with a leaky gut, these dietary changes can help to heal and seal the gut lining. In addition to following a healing diet, it is also important to reduce stress, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly.