3 Useful Tips To Make Hoh Rainforest Camping More Enjoyable

Camping at the Hoh rainforest is a fantastic experience, but it can be hard to enjoy if you don’t know what you’re doing. One of the most important things about camping the Hoh rainforest is preparing for unpredictable weather. If you want to make sure that your Hoh rainforest camping trip is enjoyable, here are three valuable tips that will help!

Pack Sunscreen And Bug Spray

When you’re Hoh rainforest camping, it’s important to remember that weather can be unpredictable. By packing sunscreen and bug spray for your Hoh rainforest vacation, you’ll ensure that no matter what the forecast is, at least one of these products will make sure skin stays protected and pests stay away!

Pack Other Supplies

With Hoh rainforest camping, you’ll want to pack enough food and water for your whole stay. Pack plenty of clothes that can withstand mud, as well as a bathing suit or two in case the weather is good. Make sure you have flashlights with fresh batteries on hand because the Hoh rainforest only offers limited electricity at certain times during

Avoid wildlife

Don’t wear bright colors. Stay in huts at night. Watch out for hazardous flora, like poison oak or ivy. It’s not unlikely that you’ll come across these plants while hiking through the rainforest!

By following these tips, you will indeed have a wonderful time at the Hoh rainforest.