3 Types Of Drag Queen Padding

Drag queens are often seen wearing padding to help them appear more feminine. Drag Queen Padding is used for the extra material added to clothing or costumes that gives an illusion of curves, cleavage, and other desired aspects of femininity. These are typically worn to mimic the female form with some exaggeration.

Foam pads

These are available at most costume shops and come in many shapes and sizes. They’re also relatively inexpensive, so they can be replaced when necessary without breaking the bank!

Silicone pads

This type is made out of silicone gel that has a soft feel while still providing great padding. They can be attached and removed as necessary, but they don’t stick well to some fabrics, so consider that when purchasing!

Foam pads with silicone backing

This is an innovative take on the traditional foam padding, which makes them more effective at staying in place while still being removable for easy washing or replacement if needed. Drag queens can still wear them when performing and dance without worrying about the pads shifting around.

Padding is an essential part of the Drag Queen’s costume. Drag queens pad their bras, hips, and even buttocks to achieve a particular hourglass figure that makes them more feminine or masculine depending on the character they portray!