3 Tips For Pre-Reading

At some point in your education, pre reading strategies were probably introduced to you. Whether you first started school or college, pre-reading is an essential skill that everyone should learn. This article will cover three tips for pre-reading and how pre-reading can help improve comprehension and retention of information.

1) Read the introduction and preface of the book.

This tip is essential for pre-reading because it gives you an idea of what to expect from the text and offers insight into approaching it. By skimming through this information before diving in, you can get some basic questions answered, which will help drive your comprehension.

2) Preview the chapter headings.

Before beginning a new chapter or section of any kind within a textbook, read over the title along with their headings and subheadings if available. If these titles don’t provide enough hints, then look at pictures associated with them as well! This way, when you start working your way through each paragraph while keeping a constant focus on the main ideas being covered within its structure, everything falls neatly into place more smoothly than if you had just jumped in with no pre-planning.

3) Scan through the end-notes.

This is a pre-reading tip that most students don’t even think of but can be highly beneficial. When your textbook provides any end-notes at the bottom of each page, it’s best to scan through them, so you have an idea as to what they are about before getting into the content itself. For example, if there are references or further explanations in these notes for specific words, you will already know what they mean when you encounter them in context! This pre-read technique helps with boosting comprehension and efficiency overall.

We encourage readers to try to implement these strategies and tips. This will make a big difference in your studies and general life.