3 Tip For Parking Lot Bollard Installation

Bollards are a great way to provide parking lot parking spaces and property protection. However, installing parking bollards can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. Make sure that when you install parking lot bollards, they are installed correctly for maximum safety!

Measure The Area.

The first step is to measure the area where parking is needed and then mark it with stakes or flags to avoid confusion later on. Use string to measure from where the ground meets with the lower edge of the bottom crossbars to meet at or just below (depending on what is allowed by local codes) grade level’s height line.

Dig A Hole

Next, dig a hole in the ground around one foot deep and place the post in this hole. Then fill up any dirt leftover from digging the hole with sand or gravel before pouring asphalt over top of it to make sure that nothing gets into your new parking space again!

Set Up lights

Lastly, set up parking lot lights to illuminate the parking spaces so that your parking attendants can see what is going on at night.

Parking lot bollard installation is easy if you follow the steps.