3 Things To Know About Verbatim Court Reporting

Verbatim court reporting is a profession that has been around for many years. Court reporters take verbatim reports of what is said in court, and verbatim transcripts are then produced from these reports. This post will discuss three things to know about it:

Detailed Transcripts

Verbal recording by verbatim reporters allows the courts to produce an accurate transcript because everything is recorded exactly as it was spoken without any errors or additions. During a court reporting, the reporter must listen to and record everything that is said so that it can be read back.


Verbatim court reporters are very reliable because the transcripts produced by them are exact. This means that lawyers and judges know everyone will receive the same transcript regardless of the reporter.


Verbatims reporters are very flexible because they can produce different types of transcripts depending on the case and what is needed to be successful. For example, they may provide written transcripts but also create video recordings that summarize the information heard during court proceedings. This allows lawyers to share court reports with their clients.

To summarize, verbatim court reporting is very reliable and flexible. This means that these reporters can quickly produce transcripts of what has been said clearly and straightforwardly so everyone will be on the same page regarding legal matters.