3 Things To Know About Propane Service ​

Do you need propane service? This question might come up if you are not sure of your propane tank’s propane level. If the answer is yes, then here are 3 things to know about propane service:

– There are two ways that propane can be delivered to your home or business – by truck or through a pipeline. Truck delivery will cost more than pipeline delivery, but there may be instances in which this is necessary if your property doesn’t have access to an underground line.

– A propane gas leak can cause significant damage and even death in some cases, so it’s important to take care when working with propane tanks. When handling them, you should always wear gloves, avoid open flames or sparks near propane tanks, and never smoke when working with propane.

– It’s always a good idea to have your propane tank inspected at least once every year by a professional propane company in order to keep it safe from wear and tear that can lead to leaks or other issues later down the line. If you have propane tanks in your backyard or somewhere else on your property, you should always be mindful of where they are at all times.

In conclusion, propane can be a very useful energy source, but it is important to remember that propane tanks should not be taken lightly.