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3 Things To Know About Cots For Babies: Bedtime Safety Strategies

A safe sleep environment is an integral part of early parenting. This is because safe sleep practices keep a baby safe from SIDS and other threats. It is crucial to understand safe sleeping in cots for babies as well as safe sleeping tips. This article will go over three things to know about safe sleeping in cots for babies.

Maintain Safe Sleep Habits

This is an essential part of sleeping in cots. Babies should never be put to sleep on their fronts or sides, and they should always have a safe sleeping surface with no toys or loose blankets within reach. It is vital to maintain this safe sleep environment when the baby enters the cot too!

Avoid Bright Lights During Baby’s Bedtime

Bright lights tend to stimulate babies, making it harder to get them to sleep. It is best to dim the lights during bedtime if possible and avoid bright screens within view of your baby’s cot.

Allow Plenty of Time for Baby To Fall Asleep Before Putting Them Down

Babies often have trouble falling asleep when stressed or anxious, so allowing time to relax and settle themselves before putting them down can help. If your baby is getting overtired, they will be more likely to take longer to fall asleep and wake up again at night.

To conclude, safe sleeping in cots for babies is significant, and you should follow the safety tips listed above.