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3 Things That You Need To Know About Occupational Health Screenings

Employers can identify potential occupational hazards and risks with occupational health screenings before a worker starts a job. This benefits both the employer and employee as it helps ensure that employees are healthy going into the workplace without occupational hazards. Employers should provide occupational health screening pre employment to prevent any occupational injury or illness from occurring on the job. This article will talk about 3 things you need to know about this type of screening so that your business stays compliant with federal law!

– What Are Occupational Health Screenings?

An occupational health screening is a medical examination that helps identify potential occupational hazards and risks before an employee starts working at their job.

– Who Needs to Be Screened?

All employees are required by federal law to be screened for occupational health, including but not limited to: office workers, construction laborers, factory workers, etc. The employer or business owner should make sure they have the correct documentation of these screenings to protect themselves from any legal action if needed.

– How Often Should Employees Be Screened?

Employees must only receive occupational health screenings once every year during employment! If you perform checks on your employees more frequently, then this will violate HIPAA laws protecting patient privacy rights as well as OSHA standards set forth by the occupational safety act.