3 Steps To Building An Agile Training Program

The agile training program is a new and innovative way to train employees in the agile methodology. It focuses on developing skills and improving knowledge of project management, adaptive requirements gathering, etc. This article will discuss three steps for building an agile training program to help you create a more efficient workforce!

Create goals

The first step in building an agile training program is deciding what your goals are. For instance, do you want to train up a specific team for agile project management? Or would you like to implement agile across the company so that every employee has agile knowledge and experience? When creating your goals, make sure they align with the goals you have.

Make it engaging

The training program should engage the students, both from a content perspective and an instructor/facilitator standpoint. Ensure that you have some interactive components in your training so that it is not just reading text on slides all day! Also, try to find employees who excel at teaching others agile concepts efficiently.

Keep it simple

Don’t get too complicated. Agility is a complex topic, but that does not mean you need to make your training hours equally as complex! Try using some simple visuals and add in more examples if needed.

The goal of an agile training program is to understand concepts so employees can apply them at work.