3 Reasons Why Involvement Matters: Student Voting

Student voting is important, and student involvement matters. Here are three reasons why student participation in the voting process is so critical:

Helps student’s voice be heard

Having your voice heard is an essential part of student involvement. It matters that our voices are listened to through voting because it allows us to have a say in the future we want for ourselves, which everyone should do regardless of age or experience.

Contributing to their community

Studies show that students who vote are more likely to pursue careers in public service or organizations that promote civic engagement. This means that student voting can contribute to a more educated student body that is ready and willing to make positive changes.

Increases your community’s future

When student voters make an effort to go out and cast their ballot, they are voting for their future community. Public votes directly impact students’ lives because student issues are often top of mind during political campaigns. When student voting rates increase, elected officials know that young people matter which means student voices will be heard more clearly in local elections

In conclusion, student participation in elections is crucial to having a successful democratic system of government. If students don’t get involved, it affects everyone’s future because young people are supposed to be our nation’s leaders someday.