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3 Reasons Why Children’s Sports Injuries Are On The Rise

It seems like every day we hear about another professional athlete who has suffered a major injury. Unfortunately, children are now starting to experience these same injuries at an alarming rate. In this article, we will discuss three reasons why children’s sports injuries are on the rise.

1. Poor Training Practices: One of the biggest reasons children’s sports injuries are rising is poor training practices. To prevent injuries, children should be properly trained on how to perform certain exercises and movements. However, many coaches do not take the time to train their players properly. This can lead to children performing exercises and movements incorrectly, which can ultimately lead to injuries.

2. Lack of Rest: Childrens sports injuries are on the rise is because children are not getting enough rest. When children do not get enough rest, their bodies are not able to properly recover from exercise. This can lead to overtraining children, putting them at a higher risk for injuries.

3. Poor Equipment: Finally, children’s sports injuries are also rising because of poor equipment. Many children’s sports teams do not have the proper equipment to protect their players from injury. For example, many football teams do not have enough helmets to properly protect all of their players. As a result, children are more likely to suffer head injuries when playing football.

In conclusion, children’s sports injuries are on the rise for several reasons. These reasons include the increased participation in competitive sports, the lack of rest children are getting, and the poor equipment that many children’s sports teams have. If these trends continue, the number of children’s sports injuries is likely to continue to increase.