3 Reasons To Use A Studio Computer

Studio computers are a studio owner’s best friend. The studio computer is used to control studio devices such as lights, fog machines, and stage curtains. There are many reasons why it is important for studio owners to invest in a studio computer – these 3 should be enough to convince you!

The first one is that they can be programmed to perform tasks. For example, the studio computer could be used to trigger a fog machine at specific intervals during a show and then turn it off when they are no longer needed.

The second one is that they make it possible for people outside of the studio to control devices – this means you won’t have any more issues with a studio tech forgetting to turn a fog machine off or on during your show!

The final point is that they are so versatile, you can use them for almost anything – lights, curtains, video playback…the list goes on.

In conclusion, studio computers are a great tool for studio owners to have in their studio. They make it possible to trigger devices, control lights, and curtains from outside of the studio, can be programmed to perform tasks at specific times/intervals during shows…the list goes on!