Picture Frames

3 Points On Art Framing Supplies

Art framing supplies are often overlooked but can be just as important to your Art Framing project. This article will cover three points about Art Frame Supplies so you know what you should be looking for when shopping around.

The first one is wire. Art frame wire is a super important supply because it will hold your Artwork in place and also give the Art some structure so that you can hang it up on a wall or display case without having to use tape or push pins, which could damage the Art itself over time.

The second one is spacers. Art frame spacers are an important Art Framing supply because they keep your Artwork off of the actual picture framing glass, which can sometimes cause damage to Artwork if it rubs up against the glass over time.

The last one is Art Frames themselves! This seems obvious, but there are a few things you should know when doing it. Art Frame options are nearly unlimited, so it’s important to know your Artwork and the space you’ll be hanging in before making any final decisions on what ones to get.

In conclusion, they have a wide range of uses, and it’s good to know what they do before you begin Art framing your Artwork!