3 Of The Best Podiatrists In Harkness

Podiatry harkness, it’s essential to have podiatrists in your area that you can trust. This is why we compiled a list of the top three podiatrists in Harkness, so you know who to turn to for treatment if need be.

Dr. Jerry Parker

In addition to podiatric care, Dr. Parker offers medical weight loss services and therapy for chronic pain. His podiatry practice is based on a holistic approach to wellness and health, which he implements through education, nutrition counseling, and other methods.

Dr. John Fero

He has been practicing podiatry for over 30 years. Dr. John Fero also offers patients the choice of surgical interventions or more minor invasive treatments like debridement, podiatry injections, and laser therapy.

Andrew Bryant

Dr. Andrew Bryant is a podiatrist who has practiced for over 20 years in the Harkness area. He specializes in foot surgery, wound care, diabetic ulcerations, nail disorders, and ingrown toenails.

The options above should help you find the podiatrist in Harkness who is suitable for your needs.