Fitness Equipment

3 Lesser Known Fitness Equipment & Accessories

Do you love fitness? Do you want to get in shape but don’t know where to start? This article is for you! We will discuss 3 lesser-known fitness equipment and accessories that can help anyone looking for a fitness routine. We will explore what they are, why they may be beneficial, and give some suggestions on how to use them properly.

1) Resistance bands: A resistance band is an elastic material (such as latex) used in physical fitness training exercises. They come in various levels of resistance – the thicker the band, the more difficult it becomes to stretch or contract it; this means that there are different levels of difficulty available if one has not yet reached their fitness goal.

2) Foam roller: Foam rollers are long cylindrical-shaped fitness equipment used for muscle massage and myofascial release. They come in various densities (soft, medium, or hard), which can be chosen according to one’s preference and fitness level.

3) Kettlebell: Kettlebells are fitness equipment used for strength training. They come in a spherical shape, usually with a handle attached to the top of them so they can be easily lifted, thrown, or held.

In conclusion, fitness equipment & accessories are important for fitness enthusiasts!