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3 Clear Steps For Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful cleaner that can disinfect all sorts of surfaces in the home. It’s also an excellent way to deal with tough stains and dirt. One hydrogen peroxide spray bottle might last for months, so it makes sense to use hydrogen peroxide as your go-to cleaning solution! This article will discuss three steps you can take when using a hydrogen peroxide spray cleaner at home.

1) Spray hydrogen peroxide onto the surface or stain you want to clean.

Hydrogen peroxide spray cleaner works best when it is diluted with water. You can use a ratio of one part hydrogen peroxide and nine parts water, or you could start by spraying the surface and seeing how things go from there! Once hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with dirt and stains on your surfaces, it begins to break them down.

2) Let it sit for 5 minutes before wiping away with a cloth or sponge.

Once hydrogen peroxide has been sprayed onto the surface, it is important to let it sit for several minutes before you begin wiping or scrubbing. This will ensure that hydrogen peroxide can do its job and break down any dirt and stains on your surfaces! Give the product some time to work by letting it sit undisturbed for about five minutes before wiping it away.

3) Rinse thoroughly with water.

Before hydrogen peroxide spray cleaner dries, rinse the surface with water to ensure that all hydrogen peroxide residue is removed from your surfaces and there are no stains left behind! This will also prevent hydrogen peroxide from drying onto hard surfaces, which can cause etching or damage over time. Make sure you thoroughly rinse off hydrogen peroxide from any porous surfaces.

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